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A Homeschooler’s Views on History


A Homeschooler’s Views on History

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An article about how precious history is, written by my daughter and published on my sister’s blog Http://

By Ari Cabello

Learning the subject of history is important in making mindful decisions for the present and the future. It opens our minds, develops our understanding of the world as we build more knowledge, and comprehend current events.

History allows us to learn about different world cultures. It can be hard to understand at first because sometimes it’s a deep subject . Some people even find it dreadful to dig for ancient information in old libraries. Almanacs contain history too and it can be looked up anywhere or in libraries, too.

As seen in history, world leaders and governments play a crucial role in the growth and development of countries. If leadership is not morally correct, people suffer and this sometimes leads to tragic consequences such as rebellion, insubordination and the loss of lives. Sometimes politics is difficult to comprehend but it’s still part of history.

The Bible is our ultimate source for history. It tells about the creation of the world and man in Chapter 1 of the Book of Genesis. The Bible is also the Manual of Life — it guides us on how to conduct our lives so we can please God. For example, God worked and completed Creation in 6 days, and on the 7th day, He rested. Not because He was tired, but because God wanted to model to mankind that the Sabbath Day is a day of rest to honor and worship Him.

The Tower of Babel in the Bible (Genesis 11) is a good example of the origin of the world’s many languages. The story is about people who were trying to build a tower as high as the skies. In their pride, they wanted to reach God. But God saw their hearts and impure motives so He confused them by mixing up their languages, hence, they were unable to build the tower. That’s how the people scattered across the globe and made new groups or nations from them. Since then, world civilizations have suffered the consequences of pride — decline and ultimate ruin. They followed the way of man instead of following God’s way.

The Tower of Babel is an example of how humans rebel against God — it is an expression of humanism, the worship of man. “Humanism is the age-old attempt of man to exalt himself in place of or above God. Only when men acknowledge their Creator and honor Him can they succeed and progress as a people.” Psalm 33:12 says, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord…”

Indeed, history is full of life lessons. That’s why I’m a Lifelong History Lover and Learner. Here are some types of history that I like learning about:

Medieval History starts at the 5th century to late 15th centuries and originated from Europe. It started the fall of the Western Roman Empire and transitioned into the Renaissance and the Age Of Discovery.

Modern History occurs after the Medieval Era (or Middle Ages). It started in the 16th century and had advances in science, technology, and population growth.

Art History is the study of artwork of different periods — appreciating and analyzing paintings, sculptures, architecture in relation to the time they were created. It focuses on visualizing the aesthetics of the art objects and stylistic context.

Indeed, History is part of life because it records everything and is a useful guide on how we should live in the present and the future.

History is a subject that young people should continuously learn about to gain wisdom. It is also one of the social sciences. The youth should understand it even more and have an open mind about it. Not just learn head knowledge but take it to heart and apply it for righteous and godly living.

Source: World History and Cultures in Christian Perspective — A Beka Book

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