Macao Imperial Tea made a Burst at SM City Masinag


Macao Imperial Tea is here now at SM City Masinag

This is not the first milktea here at SM City Masinag. And I have tried all of it. And now let me give you reasons why I will make MIT my first choice.

When Coffee Shop was a hit I was so excited since I am a coffee addict. But then I also love tea because of it’s health benefits.Tea’s popularity isn’t just due to its pleasant taste either. For centuries it has been drunk for its therapeutic benefits, which have now been heavily studied. So, let’s break down all the science-backed reasons you should be drinking more tea.
Milk as everybody knows is the first food we had as a baby. Good #health, #strong #bones and a multitude of vital nutrients, the benefits of Whole Milk are endless. So combining Milk+Tea is a perfect beverage for me. Whenever I visit any Asian countries I always try their Milk tea.

Why Macao Imperial Tea?

1. Presentation and Packaging
I am always attracted to beautiful presentation and cups. There’s something about it that I can’t resist. The cute red crown on top, the plastic tumbler they used are so robust to be used just once. I want to reuse it in our province and make it decoration.
I also like the feeling of having a safe container whenever I’m on the go. The cover they used has a #5 PP which stands for Polypropylene, a durable type of plastic that is safe and use in containers for food and drinks because it is a thermoplastic, the component is safe for foos and used for lunch boxes (learned from homeschool lesson❤).

2. All milkteas are the same and have the same ingredients but i enjoyed the Cheesecake and Pearl Milktea. We tried the. Cream cheese uji matcha, cream cheese cocoa, cream cheese oreo milktea, blue curacao soda, lemon fizz soda, white mocha mpresso. They got the right flavor, not so sweet the cheese was not that salty. And the pearls are cooked right.

3. Ambiance they have a very cozy ambiance, own restroom and outlet where we could stay and work while enjoying their milkteas and pastries.
The lighting is just right, not so dim and bright so it will be nice while reading your fave book working on your laptop or taking photos.

4. Pastries and snacks since most milktea shops just serve milktea, coffee and other beverage. But MIT serves delicious sansrival which is my personal fave. The chewy texture of the cake makes it good and it’s not full of icing. Just the right amount.

Chinese savory snacks like lobster meatball,  smoked sausage,  shrimp balls is a bestseller for me. Not your oridnary because of it’s great taste and quality.

The grand opening happened last October 19 and the first 100 will get a unique cute Happy Bear tumbler.

And there is a buy 1 get 1 promo for the whole day.

Here are some of the photos and highlights during the opening.

Macao Imperial Tea Blessing


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