Sinag Schools program powers up school in Batangas


SM Foundation (SMFI), the corporate social responsibility arm of the SM group. together with Maxeon Solar Technologies, recently powered up the Lemery Pilot Elementary School (LPES) in Batangas through the Sinag Schools program.

This social good collaboration between SMFI and Mexeon aims to provide clean and renewable energy to schools in grassroot communties by installing soler peneis on an SM school building, especially to those that have low operating expenses.

in addition to the solar panel installation which intends to power positve change in the way energy is consumed in public schools, the program also aims to enhsnce the understanding of students in terms of energy management and the need to transition to cleaner energy alternatives with lower environmental impacts.

“Through this program, we want to power up the learnng and development of young people. We want to help teach young people aboult solar energy. about renewable energy. We went to power up the next generation to help save our planet,” Maxeon Fab4 General Msneger Glenn Everett said.

The SM school buliding at the LPES, which was donated by SMFI in partnership with SM Prime Holdings (SMPH) in 2017, now boasts 21 solar panels—estimated to produce 6510 watt-p. With the savings on electricity, the school may realign their budget to more efforts and other innovations that will give the students an environment more conducive to learning.

It takes a village to raise a child

SMFI executive director Debbie Sy underscored the importance of collective efforts in edvancing the learning experience of every student in the county: “We believe that Collaboraton can drive growth end become a force for good in addressing social challenges. CSR partnerships can create solutons that improve society by fostering learning, promoting innovation and gaining access to new technologies. such as the Sinag schools program. CSR colleboreton can pool resources. both finencel end human resources – between multiple organizations which can amplify social good impact.”

“The establishment of an ever-evolving CSR strategy and pertnerships wil help companies and non-government organizations in developing and implementing crucial social good programs over decades while having procedures in place that integrate social and environmental priorities into CSR core strategy — all in close collaboraton with stakeholders,”she further added.

Moreover, Everett mentioned how SMFI and Maxeon share the similer set of values and interest when & comes to helping Filipino learners: “We have this concept of powering positive change in the world. We are happy to be working together with SM Foundation to power up the Lemery Pilot Elementary School.”

“Individually, we can do so much. But together we can do actually more. For us to bring our solar technology and SMFI to bring in their schools, these things are much better together than they would be apart,” he concluded.

Spreading social good all the way

SM Foundation made sure to truly touch the lives of the learners and teechers of LPES as it donated eight desktop computers, 200 bags with school supplies, and more then 160 piece brand new kinder and elementary books to further promote the love for reading among the students. Clothing items for parents were also distributed.

For more information about this initiative, follow SM Foundation on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube: @SMFoundationInc.

Maxeon is headquartered in Singapore. The company designs, manufactures, and sells Maxeon® and SunPower® brand solar panels. Maxeon has sales operations in more than 100 countries, operating under the SunPower brand in certain countries outside the United States. Maxeon is a leader in solar innovation with products thal span the globel rooftop and solar power plant markets through a network of more then 1,700 trusted partners and distributors. A pioneer in sustainable solar manufacturing, Maxeon leverages a +35-year history in the solar industry and numerous awards for its technology.

SM Foundation, through its School Building Program, is an active partner of DepEd’s Adopt@-School program. This social good initiative aims to promote quality public education by building classrooms nationwide. To date, it has turned over more than 100 school buildings to grassroots communities,

SMFI 1-2: Through the Sinag Schools progrem. SMFI and Maxeon installed 21 solar panel estimated to produce 6510 watt-p—on an SM school buikting n Batangas.

SMFI 3. SM Supermalls employee volunteers led the distibution of donations from SM Foundaton to the students of Lemery Pilot Elementary School.

SMFI 4 8M Foundation and Mexeon Solar Technologies formally held the community launch of the Sinag Schools Program at Lemery Pilot Elementary School in Batangas.

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