Wilkins pays tribute to New Generation Workforce with interactive mural


Wilkins Pure to mount murals across Metro Manila as a reminder to take care of ourselves

(MANILA, Philippines) — One of many words that describe the Filipino people is hardworking. Filipinos go out to work every day and give their all, whatever the profession, in order to provide for their loved ones to the best of their ability. It is in our culture to be family-oriented and hardworking, which we take pride in.With such priorities, these main providers/breadwinners cannot afford to get sick. With the rise of water-borne diseases this year alone, health has become a more pressing concern for Filipinos.

Recognizing this, Coca-Cola Philippines bears an effort to help give these new generation of Filipino workers the peace of mind to support their families by providing safe, quality water. Committed to being a reliable health partner to Filipinos and their families through the Wilkins Pure brand, the company has been providing safe drinking water for 27 years since its launch in the country in 1997.As an expression of their continuous support after all these years, Wilkins has put up an interactive mural to pay tribute to these hardworking Filipinos. Participants can leave special messages to recognize their family and friends who are breadwinners and show appreciation for all their hard work and personal efforts. The art installation is also a reminder to take care of themselves, their families, and their country, with Wilkins Pure as their trusted partner in health, starting with proper hydration—Para sure, mag Wilkins Pure.

“Staying healthy starts with proper hydration and we hope our artwork can inspire our Filipino workforce to always be at their best so they can continue showing up for the most important people in their lives,” said Cesar Gangoso, ASEAN and South Pacific East Region Frontline Marketing Director, Coca-Cola Philippines. “With every bottle of Wilkins Pure, you can trust that you are getting the water that is internationally certified safe and free from unseen contaminants. We take great pride in our efforts that adhere to our Global Purification Standards, allowing us to continue providing customers with drinking water that is always at its peak quality.”Located in SM Megamall, the interactive mural was made in collaboration with local street art collective Gerilya. The piece features professionals from different industries such as police officers, teachers, entrepreneurs, and rider sharers, to name a few, who have seen their roles and responsibilities dramatically increase due to our new ways of living over the past couple of years. It is strategically situated in the area’s main bus terminal station where thousands of Filipinos flock daily to either start their workday or head home after the long grind.

“Any artwork we do, we dedicate it to the people. This piece was refreshing because it gave us an opportunity to highlight the welfare of the New Generation Workforce. Using the cultural identity of Filipino traditions, we wanted to remind people to take care of their health. Di natin magagawa yung trabaho natin if hindi natin naalagaan ang sarili natin” said Marianne Rios of Gerilya.”

More murals are scheduled to be revealed throughout key Metro Manila areas, giving tribute to every kind of Filipino worker that is a part of today’s New Generation Workforce. To learn more, follow Wilkins Philippines’ official

To be sure that the water you are drinking is clean and pure, order Wilkins Pure at www.cokebeverages.ph or call (02) 8813-2653 for deliveries within Metro Manila and 1800-1-888-2653 for other cities in the Philippines.

About Coca-Cola Philippines

Coca-Cola has been refreshing Filipinos and making a difference in the Philippines for 110 years. The Philippines was Coca-Cola’s first market in Asia to begin local bottling operations. Today, the Coca-Cola system in the Philippines has evolved into a total beverage company, offering a diverse portfolio of brands in its beverage portfolio and employing over 10,000 Filipinos in over 20 manufacturing facilities and more than 70 distribution centers nationwide. As part of its long-standing commitment to the country, Coca-Cola continues to go beyond good as a business by continuously supporting safe water access programs in over 250 communities, empowering around 250,000 women entrepreneurs through training and peer mentoring, and accelerating packaging collection and recycling under its global World Without Waste initiative.

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